Saturday, 12 June 2010

cute on toast

So this morning I took some more photos for my We Are Your Friends series. Ooh, what a treat! The lucky friends in question are Laura and John. Here is the post with their monsters in it.

Here is Laura in the sunshine:

Awww. Cute!

And here is John, taken using my trademark 'wonky camera' photography style.

If you squint and put your face close to your 'puter screen you can make out that his T shirt has a rocket on it, just like the monster's! See, I am observant!

Now for the extra cute:

Gip! Only joking, I love you.

Actually, this isn't the only couply photo I've taken. Couples LOVE this shit, right. Remember Ames and Nick?

Here they are being all cute.

I didn't post this before for some reason, but it is kinda sweet. Okay, that's enough of THAT. I do like the monsters in pairs, though. I've got a commission to make for someone's wedding, with the monsters in their wedding gear. I think it'll be super fun to crochet a little wedding dress. It'll give me a chance to show off them lace skills and get some beads and sequins on the go. Yeah!

Well, I'm off. Have a good weekend!

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