Saturday, 20 July 2013

something a bit different... and way overdue :(

hey beloved guys, I am distraught that I have not posted anything since FEBRUARY, I have been busy with work stuff and procrastinating, etc. Plus I haven't made anything much worth sharing UNTIL NOW (more on that later)

anyhoo those who know me well-ish or see me every day will know that I quite often wear clothes that I have customised myself or made out of perfectly reasonable other clothes - indeed quite a lot of my clothes have been butchered in some way. I like looking like a day glo tramp. WHATEVER mum

I've been making dresses out of big boy t shirts for years now and they're really great, for something you can buy for a couple of quid from a charity shop they're real comfy, pretty hard wearing and they look nice (I think).

here is my Pinterest-style internet craft tutorial with diagramzz. Also I get to show off my Paint skills.

to illustrate this better, here are some that I have made over the years (photos by Maddern)

made this about 6 years ago. two big boy t shirts and a bit of flowery jersey in the middle. also please note bit of red fabric added in to preserve modesty.

black t shirt dress for a party, instead of a second t shirt I crocheted round the bottom and collar with sparkly blue yarn, it's really short

this is made from a pink girl's top and two big boy t shirts. 

here the two navy t shirts didn't really match. Added the collar from an old top that had gone a weird shape.

big grey t shirts, baggy fit, cat.

there you go, the end. 

oh yeahh me and my friend Jenny are doing a project together, we are sorting out a blog for it and that. I will update here when it's all sorted. It's exciting, I'm being an artist.

see you in 6 months xxxx