Sunday, 17 June 2012


How do guys, just popping in to tell you I finished making a cardigan that Maddern has been dreaming of for 4 years or something apparently. I am pretty proud of it because I'm not a super-measurer or anything, and I just made it up as I went along, including a sleeve that could barely fit a spider's arm through it. I finished it on Saturday, tried it on and went, meh. THEN I gave it to Maddern, he put it on and POW! It was like it was made for him! Which it totally was! I'm a genius.

Here you can see that the stripes don't line up at the front, which was ABSOLUTELY part of my mega-plan and not an accident caused by lackadaisical counting. It looks blimmin' wonderful and Maddern's dream has come true at last, what more could we all ask for, really.

This is Maddern looking at some art at the MMU show earlier today. Well done all you degree show guys! Really impressive work, very exciting. A lucrative career in temping awaits you (j/k!). 

Anyhoo that's me for now. I have a lot to do and may never knit again, but I'm sure something will be worth wittering about for five minutes in the near future. See you soon dudes x