Friday, 29 October 2010

Crafty Networking

How do, me again. Just wanted to share a few photos with you from Wednesday night, when I went to Sewing Box and Marbella Cupcakes' pop up restaurant/craftsperson number-swapping event, or as Alice called it, 'a masquarade gothic (hallowe'en close at hand) ghetto gourmet pop-up restaurant'. I was a bit nervous, as I usually am on any occasion when I might be required to speak to strangers, or anyone at all, but it was really fun. Luckily Garth was there, and I already know Alice, so that helped. I am getting better, I think.

Anyway, enough about my anti-social tendencies, I want to talk about the event itself. It was really cool, they operate from an old church in Hulme which has been converted into workspaces.

We ate loads of yummy food and carved pumpkins:

This is our finished pumpkin.

Did you ever see ever so elegant. You can really tell we've got art degrees, can't you?

Oh wait - THIS is the finished pumpkin, sorry:

I think it looks a bit like a Turtle, but which one? Which one liked shoving spoons and Rizla packets in his eye sockets, smoked a pipe, and above all looked so debonair whilst doing it? The answer is I don't know.

Apparently I failed to take any pictures of anything other than what was going on at my own table, but rest assured it was thrilling as hell. Can I just say as well, the food was well nice: we had pumpkin soup, falafel and salad, and cake for afters. Look at this for a cake.

So cool. Anyway, if you're a crafty person and you fancy getting in on this for next month, check out Alice's Sewing Box Facebook page and find out when the next one is, you should deffers do it, it's smashing.

May not have much chance to update this for a while now, as I'm moving house on Monday and won't have such lavish access to the internet. You will have to make do without as many regular burblings. Back soon though. Promise. x

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mini monsters

Hey, you know my friends Ames and Nick? This is them.

When I made those monsters, I didn't expect anyone to want to buy them. I just wanted to make my friends into monsters. Ames and Nick liked them but didn't want to buy them off me - fair enough. Since then, monster Amesy has gone to live in Canada, and monster Nick still resides in a box in my cupboard. Anyway, they are going to India (the real people this is, not the monsters) and I thought I'd make them some mini monsters that they could attach to their rucksacks or something.

Oh yeah, they don't look the same as they did several months ago when I made the original ones. Nick now has a beard and Ames has lost the pink hair. They're only about 3 inches tall (the monsters, I'm talking about now, oh how confusing). I like them. I decided not to put too many details on them, since they're going travelling and will probably end up battered anyway, but they could easily be embellished. I might start making these more. It's fun. Well, I've got to go to work now. Til next time, guys.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

All the Os

Helloooo. I have something very exciting to show you today. I got commissioned by my friend Catherine to make ANIMAL CLOTHES. Not clothes for animals, you understand, just ordinary human-shaped ones with animals ON them.

Number one: a hat with elephants on it. This is a totally rubbish photo of me wearing the hat before it was even finished, it has a pompom on it now, of course. All the best hats have pompoms on, innit.

I am going to get a better picture of this hat to show you, it is good, honest.

The other things I have been making are legwarmers with animals on beginning with the letter O; specifically, Owls, Orang-utans and Octopuses. I checked and it is correct to say Octopuses and not Octopi, so don't worry. I don't have proper photos of the legwarmers yet. I will take some. But here are the animals as a preview:




I'd just like to add that I made the patterns for these animals up, after two pints last Sunday afternoon. Possibly ale is an excellent catalyst for knitting pattern design, who knows, or maybe I am just good at it, WHO KNOWS. My first attempt at the actual legwarmer was beautiful but unfortunately wouldn't fit round a human leg, so I had to try again. They are now looking spiffing and I can't wait to give them to Catherine. She is injured and bed-bound, get well soon lovely! I got things for you!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Look at me!

Me again, I just HAVE to tell you guys about the thing I was supposed to tell you about before. I just can't hold it in any longer. A couple of weeks ago I did a photo shoot with my friend and amazing photographer Nic Chapman, to get some promotional shots done. The idea was that I am completely consumed by knitting, I wear only knitted stuff, I eat, sleep and LIVE knitting. Anyway, it was loads of fun and here are some of the best photos!

In Nic's garden, having dragged half the living room outside.

China Town.

This one was the most fun I think. We went to the Manchester Transport Museum in Cheetham Hill, and the guys there were so helpful and lovely. I am on a SELNEC 7001 bus from 1972, which is going to Leigh. Yeah, bus fans! You should totally go there anyway, it's ace. Even if you are not that into buses.

I'm in China Town again here. In these photos I'm wearing the jumper Valpuri made, a hat, legwarmers and gloves that I made, Nic's tights, a pair of socks that used to be mine and my sister's Christmas stockings, and Nic's slipper boot-things. A great look, I'm sure you'll agree. I enjoyed traipsing through the centre of town wearing that outfit, on a Saturday afternoon. I was very warm.

So what do you think? I am really pleased with how they came out. They're bright and colourful, and a little bit absurd, which is how I see my work. Nic is currently building her own blog, which I will link to when it's finished so you can all follow her, too! Oh, and check this out: she is looking for more guinea pigs to photograph. Right, I have to go now! Exciting times ahead.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Yet ANOTHER monster.. and MORE!!! Argh

Hola, como estas? Aahh, muy bien. I am being Spanish because the Manc weather is SO good today. I feel as if I am on the Costa De La Lluvia. I hope that is the right word for rain. It's raining very very muy hard.

Sorry! Tangent. Anyway! I have a few bits and bobs for you today. First up, a new monster! I know! It's for Stacey who I work with. Here she is:

She is holding the moon on a stick, in case you were wondering. I am really happy with this.

Check out them craters! Yeeooww, yeah!

Finally, a close up of her tattoo (note: not like Stacey's actual tattoo. Also may be on the wrong arm).

One thing I liked about making this one is that Stacey has a shaved head so I didn't have to make her any hair! Yay. Don't get me wrong, I like making hair, it's cool, but sometimes it's nice to get a break, right? Mm.

What else. Oh yes, the big order I was doing is now finished, signed, sealed and delivered, and I am told the recipient is dead pleased with them. Awesome! I think they are going to post some photos of them somewhere, so I will show you all, when they do. I KNOW you are all falling off the edges of your seats waiting for this.

Yesterday I ran a crochet workshop at Beetle Felt in Chorlton, which was really fun. We listened to Fleetwood Mac and crocheted for three hours, and really, what more could you want? I also drank way too much coffee, but it's okay, I can handle it. Here are some photos from, er, that.

Fun times accomplished. I don't know if there is anything else I need to tell you about. Ooh, yes! There is, but I'm going to leave it for another post because I've had enough of wittering on for now. Hasta... pronto.