Friday, 29 October 2010

Crafty Networking

How do, me again. Just wanted to share a few photos with you from Wednesday night, when I went to Sewing Box and Marbella Cupcakes' pop up restaurant/craftsperson number-swapping event, or as Alice called it, 'a masquarade gothic (hallowe'en close at hand) ghetto gourmet pop-up restaurant'. I was a bit nervous, as I usually am on any occasion when I might be required to speak to strangers, or anyone at all, but it was really fun. Luckily Garth was there, and I already know Alice, so that helped. I am getting better, I think.

Anyway, enough about my anti-social tendencies, I want to talk about the event itself. It was really cool, they operate from an old church in Hulme which has been converted into workspaces.

We ate loads of yummy food and carved pumpkins:

This is our finished pumpkin.

Did you ever see ever so elegant. You can really tell we've got art degrees, can't you?

Oh wait - THIS is the finished pumpkin, sorry:

I think it looks a bit like a Turtle, but which one? Which one liked shoving spoons and Rizla packets in his eye sockets, smoked a pipe, and above all looked so debonair whilst doing it? The answer is I don't know.

Apparently I failed to take any pictures of anything other than what was going on at my own table, but rest assured it was thrilling as hell. Can I just say as well, the food was well nice: we had pumpkin soup, falafel and salad, and cake for afters. Look at this for a cake.

So cool. Anyway, if you're a crafty person and you fancy getting in on this for next month, check out Alice's Sewing Box Facebook page and find out when the next one is, you should deffers do it, it's smashing.

May not have much chance to update this for a while now, as I'm moving house on Monday and won't have such lavish access to the internet. You will have to make do without as many regular burblings. Back soon though. Promise. x

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