Wednesday, 24 November 2010



Yep. Hats.

(One of them didn't have a pompom, so I put a monster there for symmetry's sake. Not that it is very symmetrical anyway.)

I have been making lots of hats you see. It's now winter and pretty cold. Some of these are commissions, some are just for fun! I will be selling them at the craft fair, more about that in a minute.


Roboty men.

More roboty men, with hearts. Not owls.

Um. Sheep.

Pompoms! I love making pompoms. Apparently they are really called pompoNs. I disagree.

So that's that. Erm... so come visit me on Saturday, I will be at St Clements Church in Chorlton again, hawking my grubby wares. I have Christmassy things. I have monsters. I have hats, obviously, and other bits and bobs which are simply too exciting to tell you about. I also have a stall at the craft fair at the Nip and Tipple in Chorlton on the 11th December, so if you can't make Saturday, never fear! Wooo!

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