Sunday, 23 May 2010

What larks!

Well, the crafty market yesterday was a lot of fun and a big success! I sold a few bits and bobs, which is obviously super cool, but I was also mega boosted by all the lovely comments and great feedback that people gave me throughout the day. It makes me happy to know that someone likes what I make. Sometimes when I spend a lot of time making and don't talk to anyone for ages, I get a bit paranoid about it, so it was nice to hear. Thanks guys!

This is what my stall looked like at the start of the day.

It changed quite frequently as I sold things and moved stuff around, used my lunchbox as a pedestal, added more things that I'd forgotten about, etc. But I didn't take photos of that.

My work appears to be quite popular with youngsters, which is cool. I am naturally drawn to brightly coloured things too. Okay, so you know the monsters mostly have big, open mouths? Something I noticed was that kids and grownups alike are compelled to stick their finger in there. It happened so many times! I wonder why? They must just be so inviting.


Whenever there was a flurry of activity, I took some covert photos, here we go look.


Well, at the risk of sounding like a right pleb, thanks so much everyone for coming to visit me yesterday, you made me smile and I like you! So now I am going to whack the rest of my stuff on Etsy, and Folksy too I reckons. I have to start asking shops and places to stock my stuff, too. Aargh, this scares me more than I can ever tell you. I don't know why. Yikes. Well, I will try not to have a breakdown about it and report back. Bye!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

happy and tired and crafting

Hey chaps. As I have mentioned ten million times, I am selling my wares at the Chorlton Arts Festival craft fair on Saturday. I have pretty much finished sorting all my stuff out, few bits and bobs left. Here are some things you may not have seen.

Come visit me.

I also made some flyers and got Nic to print them for me, and they look pretty cool. However, can you spot the not-very-glaring error here?

Yes, the URL is wrong. It should be shop/helenmakes, not shopS. What a wanny. I might have to be super professional and go through the stack with a marker and remove all the superfluous Ss. Aargh. A tiny but significant mistake.

What else. I am super happy this week following a marvellous weekend at ATP. It blew on my mind. I am actually finding it quite hard to get on with things properly. Also, as soon as we got back we went straight back out to see the Bundles, which was pretty much the most exciting thing ever. I am still really tired from all the excitement. I think I am going to make Jeffrey and Kimya monsters and send them to them.

Anyway, best be off, crafty crafty. Come on Saturday, it'd be ace to see all y'all, you might even get a fist bump.

See ya!

Monday, 10 May 2010

More monster friend action

Hey guys, how's tricks? I'm doing goodly, I've been taking photos of my friends with their monsters and boy is it fun! Everyone's been really getting into the spirit and dressing up in some quite beautiful outfits to match, so thanks boys and girls for your excellent co-operation.

Okay, here is one.

It's Pete and Pete! Luckily I had given the monster a different head, because when I turned up at his house, he had dyed his hair. How rude. You can see the tattoo face a bit here. Also, love that mop bucket! I am a crap photographer.


Hi Phlegmy! Actually she is called Emily and she does really have a face, but I made her hide it. Look at the awesome mushroom jumper though! Special.

Now this is a good one.

S'Amesy! I am in love with the colours on this photo, went a bit overboard with the contrast and colour saturation but that's okay.

And finally for now:

Jolly old Saint Nick. I enjoyed how the outfit matches the monster's, right down to the socks. Go Nick! Then we went to the pub.

So that's what I've been up to lately, along with making shitloads of crap for the craft fair in a couple of weeks. It's part of the Chorlton Arts Festival, at St Clement's Church in Chorlton, Manchester on the 22nd May. Pop along and say hi if you can. If you can't, THAT'S FINE. You obviously just don't care as much as I thought. Anyway it's going to be a big crafty knees-up with all manner of super fun colourful stuff to get your grubby paws on and I think you can even buy a cup of tea too! Wow! Last year was really excellent. I shared a stall with Phlegmbert B-Movie and Laura Pikelet and we had a great old time. So COME!

Anyway I have a few new things on the go, monsters and other stuff, which I will share soon. It'll be wonderful, you'll see. Take it easy guys. See you soon. Mind the traffic.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Hey guys and gals, I have just listed a few items on Etsy, and also managed to get it to link from here! Woo hoo, I am a wizard. Have a gander if you feel like it. At the moment I am listing some old stuff, but in a few days there will be more. MORE! Keep checking for new monsters and other wonderful items. I will of course constantly tell you about it to make sure you are aware that I HAVE SOME SHIT ON ETSY. Okay then.