Thursday, 20 May 2010

happy and tired and crafting

Hey chaps. As I have mentioned ten million times, I am selling my wares at the Chorlton Arts Festival craft fair on Saturday. I have pretty much finished sorting all my stuff out, few bits and bobs left. Here are some things you may not have seen.

Come visit me.

I also made some flyers and got Nic to print them for me, and they look pretty cool. However, can you spot the not-very-glaring error here?

Yes, the URL is wrong. It should be shop/helenmakes, not shopS. What a wanny. I might have to be super professional and go through the stack with a marker and remove all the superfluous Ss. Aargh. A tiny but significant mistake.

What else. I am super happy this week following a marvellous weekend at ATP. It blew on my mind. I am actually finding it quite hard to get on with things properly. Also, as soon as we got back we went straight back out to see the Bundles, which was pretty much the most exciting thing ever. I am still really tired from all the excitement. I think I am going to make Jeffrey and Kimya monsters and send them to them.

Anyway, best be off, crafty crafty. Come on Saturday, it'd be ace to see all y'all, you might even get a fist bump.

See ya!

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