Monday, 10 May 2010

More monster friend action

Hey guys, how's tricks? I'm doing goodly, I've been taking photos of my friends with their monsters and boy is it fun! Everyone's been really getting into the spirit and dressing up in some quite beautiful outfits to match, so thanks boys and girls for your excellent co-operation.

Okay, here is one.

It's Pete and Pete! Luckily I had given the monster a different head, because when I turned up at his house, he had dyed his hair. How rude. You can see the tattoo face a bit here. Also, love that mop bucket! I am a crap photographer.


Hi Phlegmy! Actually she is called Emily and she does really have a face, but I made her hide it. Look at the awesome mushroom jumper though! Special.

Now this is a good one.

S'Amesy! I am in love with the colours on this photo, went a bit overboard with the contrast and colour saturation but that's okay.

And finally for now:

Jolly old Saint Nick. I enjoyed how the outfit matches the monster's, right down to the socks. Go Nick! Then we went to the pub.

So that's what I've been up to lately, along with making shitloads of crap for the craft fair in a couple of weeks. It's part of the Chorlton Arts Festival, at St Clement's Church in Chorlton, Manchester on the 22nd May. Pop along and say hi if you can. If you can't, THAT'S FINE. You obviously just don't care as much as I thought. Anyway it's going to be a big crafty knees-up with all manner of super fun colourful stuff to get your grubby paws on and I think you can even buy a cup of tea too! Wow! Last year was really excellent. I shared a stall with Phlegmbert B-Movie and Laura Pikelet and we had a great old time. So COME!

Anyway I have a few new things on the go, monsters and other stuff, which I will share soon. It'll be wonderful, you'll see. Take it easy guys. See you soon. Mind the traffic.

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