Sunday, 31 July 2011

People I Like part II

How do, how do you do? I do knitting. I thought I'd tell you something even though it is kind of a crap story. No it's good! It's good.

I went to see Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard today in Preston, it was super fun and very exciting, as always. I love Jeffrey Lewis. When I was a bit younger and a bit less sure of myself, I listened to his songs about being an artist with no confidence and no money, and thought, this boy is singing about ME and MY FRIENDS! Listen to 'Seattle' off of his album The First Time I Did Acid I Went Insane and Other Favourites, and it is pretty much a description of me (or what I like to think of as a description of me, the reality was probably a bit less romantic and more... pathetic) aged about 22. I don't know, he just sums up the hollow feeling of failure and terror I felt throughout my early and mid twenties, in such a warm and humourous way that floors me. It made me feel like it was okay that I was so lost and that everything would be all right eventually. I like to listen to 'Moving' every time I move house (in which he compares a now-empty flat with the empty vessel of a dead body). It's great. Now that's enough gushing.

So as part of my People I Like series, I made a Jeff monster and I wanted to give it to him after the show today. In the event, I bottled it and gave it to the drummer, realised I hadn't left my name or anything, shoved a Garth flyer in the bag and made a sharp exit. Ohhhh, oops! I would've liked to have spoken to him a bit and given it to him and explained what I was doing, but I was too shy shy. I hope he received it and that he likes it and that he didn't think it was stupid. Here he is, by the way:

Just realised I was rambling on and on and hadn't shown you any pictures! How very rude.

This is the t-shirt I gave Jeff monster, which isn't too different to the one he was actually wearing today, cool.

So the most distinguishable thing I can think of about Mr Lewis on stage is that his guitar is plastered in stickers, so I made him a little guitar and adorned it too:

That's that then. I am making a few other ones but I defo need to be less afraid of talking to people, don't I? It doesn't really matter to me as long as the person gets it, though. It's just a gesture, a slightly OTT and creepy one, but I only want to say thank you for providing me with something that affected me, and I can do that without having to SAY anything OUT LOUD.

Hey this blog is turning into a right therapy session. You guys don't mind if I do some introspective shit from time to time, I hope. Okay, bye now! Same time next sometime.

Friday, 22 July 2011

the mostest pointlessest

Hello tharrr, I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I THINK I've been busy. However, this is not really true. What has actually happened is that my brain has atrophied from lack of use. Awful really. I'm currently in the process of applying for a job I have already been doing for a year, and it's harder than you think. I spent an hour staring at the screen the other day, wrote 7 lines, then the computers all crashed and I hadn't saved anything. I have also had a birthday. NOW DO YOU SEE HOW HARD MY LIFE IS! So I thought I'd do a quick post with some stuff, to fill time.

I had a birthday, right, but not just ANY birthday, I went all thirty. I had a nice time and dressed like Shirley Bassey. Got some presents, too. I was going to post photos of them all like a big saddo but I decided not to. But! I want to show you this because it's amazing. Look!

It's ME! I look cool! Like a cartoon person! Jim McDougall drew this, you know that guy, he's a bit talented really. He's making me a website which is wicked fresh. I am very excited that he drew this for me, because I might pretend to be all psshh, but really I like looking at pictures of myself, especially ones where I look so EXCELLENT.

Pete and Carol gave me this:

Thanks guys!

I made this for Shirley:

Just because she asked me to. I wouldn't do this for just ANYONE, but you don't argue with Shirley. Plus, she is becoming my most loyal customer. I also really like its horrible little arm with its own face. I gave it one of the spare dog noses I had left over from Eleanor's lemur.

Good one.

Finally: today a lot of deliveries came to the office, in funny shaped boxes, so we did what any sane person would do and made a dragon.

He's pretty good. I think Shirley may have named him Mike but I'm not sure. I think he will turn out to be an important piece of work.

Here he is with the Office Services team:

Looking a bit stupid there Helen. Must try harder.

I can't believe I've just done a post about my birthday presents and a cardboard dragon. I'm determined to get my shit together and do something proper soon. I'm THIRTY, you guys. Now is not the time to stagnate. All the good intentions I had are strewn about my flat, like socks. There are also socks, mixed in. Can't force these things, but I'm going to try. Nnnnnnhgghhh