Saturday, 11 June 2011

Emo lemo lomu mumu

Here is me again, I HAVE been busy. I doubt I will have anything to post about after this, for a while, anyway, so you don't have to read about all my pointless ramblings every three days. Well, you don't have to anyway, but you are! Thanks! Hi by the way. You look nice!

Eleanor is a person that I have known since she was a baby and I was slightly older than a baby. Now we are both grown ups and Eleanor makes a webcomic called Gothy Beans. They are goths, but they are beans! She has created some lovely characters, I particularly like the tangential ones that don't really play much of a role in the stories, like the tinysaurs and the little vampires that bob about. Eleanor asked me to make THIS guy, an Emo Lemur:

It made a nice change for me because the crocheted version needed to look exactly the same as the drawn version (more or less, I'm not a wizard), so I didn't have to design anything. It was already designed. Plus it gave me the chance to break out the fluffy yarns. I normally HATE fluffy yarn. It gets tangled up much more easily and it tickles and I've got loads of it shoved in cupboards. But I got reet into it this time, it lent itself to the task really well and looks ace. Maybe I'm growing up?

Well I suppose I may show you a picture then.

I'm pleased as punch with how he turned out, he's not QUITE the same, proportionally, as the original, but he needed to be dumpier in the body to stand up, with that gargantuan cranium there. Plus I NEVER measure anything, it is a principle of mine. I like to play it all by ear. I've always been like that, at uni I used to do all my prep after I'd done an entire painting, because if you're doing an art degree you have to show your working. It's more fun and organic that way and I don't get bored of things before I've even properly started them (mostly). The only thing is, it can be a bit of a haphazard method with projects like this. I have to keep myself in check. But it works for me, so stop asking.

The fluffy stuff looks really good too.

This is the first time I have used one of these weird dog noses for anything, I now have a packet of them. I will be adding dog noses to things willy nilly from now on.

So there we are. I also realised yesterday that Eleanor's surname is Woolley and I have made her something Woolly. Isn't that funny Eleanor! I bet no one has ever made that comparison with your name in the whole of your life.

Right well, I had better go and pretend to think of how to make something. I am scared of the Burger Lady, and I think I may have peaked creatively about 4 years ago, so I might just faff about. Stay in touch, guys. Oh! I decided to quit Facebook again, for the 10000000th time, so if you are trying to find me I'm not there. Send me an email though or something. I am trying to explain this without sounding too desperate, email me if you feel like it, pfff. I am talking rubbish! Bye now!


  1. Oh well done - he's brilliant! And I know what you mean about fluffy yarn, I have a huge stash that doesn't disappear cos I don't like using it.

  2. Nobody has ever made that joke, no.

    He is fab. I am separated by too much geography. :(