Monday, 27 June 2011

Old rubbish

Hey there. How are you? I'm so tired, my crochet hook has fallen out of my hand and I can't make myself look for it now. I've been making a few bits, bobs, bits and bobs, odds and sods, boops and flups, mips and mops. They are all excellent but I'm not showing you them because NOTHING I have started in the last couple of weeks is finished. I've been drawing. With a pencil. I will show you some of the results of my feeble efforts at some point, but for now I thought you might like to see some old stuff what I did once.

I've been keeping a journal of sorts for about ten years, since I was at university and we had to keep a working diary with ideas and stuff in it. Mine quickly degenerated into, 'golly I HATE Steve, what a loser, and I really need to buy shampoo and blah'. I then had to hand this nonsense in at the end of the year to be marked, and precisely none of it was relevant. I used to like recording stuff in drawing form, I would say like a comic, but it was more tragic. Anyway I was browsing some of these old journals recently and I thought I would share some of the drawings with you because I enjoy them.

Apparently this happened a lot.

This is the story of how I dropped a pair of knickers into the street by accident and had to collect them from the nice man on reception. It's a good story. I'm pure facts. No hyperbole here.

I'm glad I did these, and I'm glad I kept them, I've come so close to throwing them away quite a few times. They're not great drawings, but that's okay I suppose. I am not a great drawer. It's weird that I feel quite content to post pictures of my knitted stuff, but I'm still really nervous of posting drawings and things because they feel much more personal, or I'm afraid that they're crap, or something like that. I just felt like it'd be nice for you to see some of this stuff as well as the polished, honed things I usually put up. (Ha!)

I am EXTREMELY close to entering introspective hell now, and nobody wants to read THAT. I am way too professional! I will be back with more knitting soon I double promise, but hey! I have some important stuff coming up too! My real live website is nearing completion, and I will be thirp-ty years old in a couple of weeks too! Brilliant! Come round for a brew any time, I've got some nice biscuits in. Oh yes, I saved my favourite til last: I have NO recollection of this.

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