Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Chrimble Craft Fair-tastic

So I had a stall at the Chorlton Arts Festival Christmas Craft Market (or CAFCCM for short) at St Clements Church on Saturday. It was brilliant fun and I did pretty well! I had lots of visitors too. Thanks to everyone who came down to say hi!

This is my stall. It looks pretty much exactly like the stall I had in May, doesn't it? Except with a Christmas tree. The tree only had two legs so I cunningly leaned it against the wall. Clever.

Just going to show you a few pictures of things I made for the fair, some of which have now been sold. Okay?

Mr Christmas 'narna.

Apple fellow.

This is Corn On The Cob. Hard to tell from the photo.

Christmas hot dawg.

Carrot. Something you might actually eat at Christmas, finally.

Couple of the mini monsters I made. I love these, they are stupid.

This one is Mister Farty Christmas. He has a white beard and everything.

This is a pair of fingerless gloves that I made without a pattern or anything, I just made 'em up as I went along. Can you tell? I really liked them though and so did somebody else because they bought them. Hooray!

Do you like my doctored business cards which had the wrong URL on them? Flawless. I am a DIY WIZARD.

Here are John and Laura having just bought some winter woollies off me. I didn't make John's hat. I made the gloves and Laura's hat which you can't actually see. But rest assured, it's very pretty.

That's like, all the time we have for now. Hope you enjoyed my snaps. Ooh! I will be doing TWO more craft fairs in the same weekend. The first one is on the 11th December at the Nip and Tipple, Upper Chorlton Road, Chorlton, Manchester, I-Don't-Know-The-Postcode. That should be fun and sparkly and magical. I'm sure there will be mulled wine and other treats, there normally is at these things. The second one will be at St Wilfred's Enterprise Centre in Hulme on the 12th. Here is a link. More opportunities to purchase nice things for you there! I think you should come to both of them.

Right bye!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010



Yep. Hats.

(One of them didn't have a pompom, so I put a monster there for symmetry's sake. Not that it is very symmetrical anyway.)

I have been making lots of hats you see. It's now winter and pretty cold. Some of these are commissions, some are just for fun! I will be selling them at the craft fair, more about that in a minute.


Roboty men.

More roboty men, with hearts. Not owls.

Um. Sheep.

Pompoms! I love making pompoms. Apparently they are really called pompoNs. I disagree.

So that's that. Erm... so come visit me on Saturday, I will be at St Clements Church in Chorlton again, hawking my grubby wares. I have Christmassy things. I have monsters. I have hats, obviously, and other bits and bobs which are simply too exciting to tell you about. I also have a stall at the craft fair at the Nip and Tipple in Chorlton on the 11th December, so if you can't make Saturday, never fear! Wooo!