Sunday, 28 March 2010

Super awesome cool glove mitten fun stuff

Okayyyy... so I have now completed the not-very-secret project for Bear. It has taken me a million hours because 1) I am slow and 2) it was COMPLICATED. Are you ready? I am!

They are Super Mario gloves!

Here is Mario:

Here is Princess Peach:

I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing these because Bear requested the original characters from Kong, and after I had finished the Mario one I realised I had knitted THE WRONG MARIO. Imagine my horror! If you are as clueless about games as me, you might not know what I'm talking about. Here is a handy guide to the different incarnations. I was supposed to knit the top one, I guess I did the second one. Whoops. I think if you are a bit of a geek, these things matter a lot, so I was all ready to start the whole thing again, but then Bear said he wasn't bothered so I wasn't either. Hooray!

Anyway so that was done. THEN I had to knit some little flappy hood things to go over the top of the fingers, so Bear can mitten up real good in cold weather. Now. When de-hooded, the flappy hood thingies (what would they even be called?) cover the pictures which I had so lovingly knitted, which is obviously RUBBISH. So I decided to knit a picture onto the FHT to compensate for this! Wow!

It's a power-up toadstooly thingypop! I don't know what they're called! Wikipedia doesn't, either.

So here is Bear enjoying his new togs. I have talked about them for way too long now. However, I am getting very excited by this video game/knitting thing. I know everyone does this, but old school pixely images translate really well to knit stitches and I like it. I am going to upgrade to higher resolution knitting, and you are going to spooge.

Friday, 19 March 2010

some sneaky side projects

Hey, so since I last wrote anything I got a new temp job, which involves googly moogly eyes. It has been kind of inspiring, kind of awful, and kind of a time suck, so I haven't had chance to do much making.


I have done a few bits and bobs, which I want to post here because it makes a change (to me) from the drudgery of the knitted drawing. Oh, a square. Oh, look, another square. What next? Oh... a square.

Sooo, without further ado, I introduce to you... The Banana Sock.

It's a commission for Richelle. It's supposed to protect her banana from bashin' and bangin' about when she goes to work. As it's knitted, though, I doubt it will protect anything from anything else. At least it looks wicked. Here it is in action:

Eep, sexy! And kind of disgusting! I love it. I might make one for myself. Actually no, I don't think I can ever be cool enough to sit in the brew room and nonchalantly remove a banana from one of these things.

So that's that.

I kind of stopped doing any knitted drawingness so I could do some other stuff for a bit, but I managed to get halfway up square 12. I am going to show you it, because I'm super proud of myself for this one.

Finger finger finger!

A close up:

Mmm! I am clever.

Finally, I'm working on a little something for Bear. I don't want to give too much away because I've only finished some of it and I want to display all of it in its miraculous completeness, but here's a little corner.

Can you tell what it is yet? Rubbish photo, I know, I'm just trying to get used to the crappy macro function on my new camera. My old one was loads better, whine whine. That'll teach me to stand on it.

Right-o, that's me done for another week, like. Ta-raaaa.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Seam stitchin' agogo

Right, so I have now sewed the first ten squares together. The knitted drawing is becoming an actual, cohesive thing instead of just loads of squares that get lost constantly and do my head in. Now I have a massive big rectangle! Hooray.

Yesterday I decided that I needed a camera of my own if I was going to record this properly, so I bought one. It seems grand so far apart from that I nearly broke it straight away by putting the battery in the wrong way. But it means I can take photos of things as I finish them, instead of saving everything up for three weeks.

Okay so first things first, here are some photos of the top third of the drawing. It's pretty.

It's the entire length of my bed, look.





It's going to be the technicolour dreamblanket.

Also, I finished another square:

I may put the drawing on hold for a bit because I want to start making some other stuff, who knows what that will be, but I've got some embryonic ideas wriggling about in my brain. They are pretty irritating. I'd best get them out the way before anything too crazy happens. I will let you know what is happening, it'll be well exciting, promise.

Bye then.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

big fat row 2

Hello! I have now finished a THIRD of my knitted drawing, it has taken me several months. I would like to update this more often, and muse upon interesting things, but as I don't have a camera or anything interesting to say, it's a bit difficult.

Anyway thanks to Nic I have managed to photograph the next 5 squares in the series. Things are getting crazy now you guys! The top of the lady's head is visible and everything. It's like giving birth only tanglier, woolier, fluffier, custardier.

Okay so here are the squares:

Ooh, I don't know why square 9 has decided to publish itself sideways like that. It obviously thinks it looks special. Well, I don't know how to fix it.

So I am about to sew all the squares together so I don't lose them, and hopefully they will look spiffing. I will beg borrow or steal another camera and continue this another time.

Oh here is a sexy close up of square 10. Look at the stitches, mmm. Look at them. Stitchy.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

my knitted drawing: a longwinded project

Okay so this is the design for the knitted drawing, sort of. It's basically something I drew up really quickly so I don't actually think it'll turn out like this. It's a mystery! FUN!

The original drawing of this lady is here. Isn't she amazing? She's my favourite drawing I've ever done ever. She so happy! I wanted to include her in the knitted drawing because she's well sexy, for an alien-shark-slapper type thing. Mmm. So I made her into a sort of housewife advertising custard. You want some? Yes you do.

Right so here is the pattern drawn up. You can see that it's already completely different from the original, because I don't bother to measure things, so I just drew it freehand onto a big piece of squared paper and then coloured in all the squares by hand which took AGES.

You can also see that I'm not terribly adept at taking photos. Here is a close up.

It will be split into 30 squares. I decided to use any old yarn since I had a lot of it lying around, but I split it into four categories - dark warm, dark cool, light warm, light cool - just to make the squares a bit consistent. Only a bit though.

So far I have made five squares. Well actually, I have made nine and a bit, but my camera broke after five, and I haven't bought a new one yet, so I need to do that before I can take pictures of the other four. So let's pretend I've only made five and then it can be a surprise.

Here they are: