Friday, 12 March 2010

Seam stitchin' agogo

Right, so I have now sewed the first ten squares together. The knitted drawing is becoming an actual, cohesive thing instead of just loads of squares that get lost constantly and do my head in. Now I have a massive big rectangle! Hooray.

Yesterday I decided that I needed a camera of my own if I was going to record this properly, so I bought one. It seems grand so far apart from that I nearly broke it straight away by putting the battery in the wrong way. But it means I can take photos of things as I finish them, instead of saving everything up for three weeks.

Okay so first things first, here are some photos of the top third of the drawing. It's pretty.

It's the entire length of my bed, look.





It's going to be the technicolour dreamblanket.

Also, I finished another square:

I may put the drawing on hold for a bit because I want to start making some other stuff, who knows what that will be, but I've got some embryonic ideas wriggling about in my brain. They are pretty irritating. I'd best get them out the way before anything too crazy happens. I will let you know what is happening, it'll be well exciting, promise.

Bye then.

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