Tuesday, 2 March 2010

my knitted drawing: a longwinded project

Okay so this is the design for the knitted drawing, sort of. It's basically something I drew up really quickly so I don't actually think it'll turn out like this. It's a mystery! FUN!

The original drawing of this lady is here. Isn't she amazing? She's my favourite drawing I've ever done ever. She so happy! I wanted to include her in the knitted drawing because she's well sexy, for an alien-shark-slapper type thing. Mmm. So I made her into a sort of housewife advertising custard. You want some? Yes you do.

Right so here is the pattern drawn up. You can see that it's already completely different from the original, because I don't bother to measure things, so I just drew it freehand onto a big piece of squared paper and then coloured in all the squares by hand which took AGES.

You can also see that I'm not terribly adept at taking photos. Here is a close up.

It will be split into 30 squares. I decided to use any old yarn since I had a lot of it lying around, but I split it into four categories - dark warm, dark cool, light warm, light cool - just to make the squares a bit consistent. Only a bit though.

So far I have made five squares. Well actually, I have made nine and a bit, but my camera broke after five, and I haven't bought a new one yet, so I need to do that before I can take pictures of the other four. So let's pretend I've only made five and then it can be a surprise.

Here they are:

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