Sunday, 28 March 2010

Super awesome cool glove mitten fun stuff

Okayyyy... so I have now completed the not-very-secret project for Bear. It has taken me a million hours because 1) I am slow and 2) it was COMPLICATED. Are you ready? I am!

They are Super Mario gloves!

Here is Mario:

Here is Princess Peach:

I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing these because Bear requested the original characters from Kong, and after I had finished the Mario one I realised I had knitted THE WRONG MARIO. Imagine my horror! If you are as clueless about games as me, you might not know what I'm talking about. Here is a handy guide to the different incarnations. I was supposed to knit the top one, I guess I did the second one. Whoops. I think if you are a bit of a geek, these things matter a lot, so I was all ready to start the whole thing again, but then Bear said he wasn't bothered so I wasn't either. Hooray!

Anyway so that was done. THEN I had to knit some little flappy hood things to go over the top of the fingers, so Bear can mitten up real good in cold weather. Now. When de-hooded, the flappy hood thingies (what would they even be called?) cover the pictures which I had so lovingly knitted, which is obviously RUBBISH. So I decided to knit a picture onto the FHT to compensate for this! Wow!

It's a power-up toadstooly thingypop! I don't know what they're called! Wikipedia doesn't, either.

So here is Bear enjoying his new togs. I have talked about them for way too long now. However, I am getting very excited by this video game/knitting thing. I know everyone does this, but old school pixely images translate really well to knit stitches and I like it. I am going to upgrade to higher resolution knitting, and you are going to spooge.

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  1. Hei Helen! They are wicked!!! There is a programme on the internet to make the images to knitting patterns very quickly, so you don't have to spend time to draw them out yourself, in case you didn't already know about it it's called KNitpro. HOpefully you find it ok! :) see you soon