Sunday, 23 May 2010

What larks!

Well, the crafty market yesterday was a lot of fun and a big success! I sold a few bits and bobs, which is obviously super cool, but I was also mega boosted by all the lovely comments and great feedback that people gave me throughout the day. It makes me happy to know that someone likes what I make. Sometimes when I spend a lot of time making and don't talk to anyone for ages, I get a bit paranoid about it, so it was nice to hear. Thanks guys!

This is what my stall looked like at the start of the day.

It changed quite frequently as I sold things and moved stuff around, used my lunchbox as a pedestal, added more things that I'd forgotten about, etc. But I didn't take photos of that.

My work appears to be quite popular with youngsters, which is cool. I am naturally drawn to brightly coloured things too. Okay, so you know the monsters mostly have big, open mouths? Something I noticed was that kids and grownups alike are compelled to stick their finger in there. It happened so many times! I wonder why? They must just be so inviting.


Whenever there was a flurry of activity, I took some covert photos, here we go look.


Well, at the risk of sounding like a right pleb, thanks so much everyone for coming to visit me yesterday, you made me smile and I like you! So now I am going to whack the rest of my stuff on Etsy, and Folksy too I reckons. I have to start asking shops and places to stock my stuff, too. Aargh, this scares me more than I can ever tell you. I don't know why. Yikes. Well, I will try not to have a breakdown about it and report back. Bye!

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