Saturday, 23 October 2010

All the Os

Helloooo. I have something very exciting to show you today. I got commissioned by my friend Catherine to make ANIMAL CLOTHES. Not clothes for animals, you understand, just ordinary human-shaped ones with animals ON them.

Number one: a hat with elephants on it. This is a totally rubbish photo of me wearing the hat before it was even finished, it has a pompom on it now, of course. All the best hats have pompoms on, innit.

I am going to get a better picture of this hat to show you, it is good, honest.

The other things I have been making are legwarmers with animals on beginning with the letter O; specifically, Owls, Orang-utans and Octopuses. I checked and it is correct to say Octopuses and not Octopi, so don't worry. I don't have proper photos of the legwarmers yet. I will take some. But here are the animals as a preview:




I'd just like to add that I made the patterns for these animals up, after two pints last Sunday afternoon. Possibly ale is an excellent catalyst for knitting pattern design, who knows, or maybe I am just good at it, WHO KNOWS. My first attempt at the actual legwarmer was beautiful but unfortunately wouldn't fit round a human leg, so I had to try again. They are now looking spiffing and I can't wait to give them to Catherine. She is injured and bed-bound, get well soon lovely! I got things for you!

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