Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mini monsters

Hey, you know my friends Ames and Nick? This is them.

When I made those monsters, I didn't expect anyone to want to buy them. I just wanted to make my friends into monsters. Ames and Nick liked them but didn't want to buy them off me - fair enough. Since then, monster Amesy has gone to live in Canada, and monster Nick still resides in a box in my cupboard. Anyway, they are going to India (the real people this is, not the monsters) and I thought I'd make them some mini monsters that they could attach to their rucksacks or something.

Oh yeah, they don't look the same as they did several months ago when I made the original ones. Nick now has a beard and Ames has lost the pink hair. They're only about 3 inches tall (the monsters, I'm talking about now, oh how confusing). I like them. I decided not to put too many details on them, since they're going travelling and will probably end up battered anyway, but they could easily be embellished. I might start making these more. It's fun. Well, I've got to go to work now. Til next time, guys.

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