Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hey guys, me again! Yes, two posts in two days. I know! I just wanted to show you a monster I made. How novel! It's my friend Valpuri, who is an artist and an amazing knitter. You can check out her work here. Good eh? We are doing swapsies, in return for the monster I am getting a wicked jumper knitted by the fair hand of Purlpuri herself. There are photos of it on her blog somewhere, it's red and black. Awesome!

Anyway here she is.

Valpuri quite often wears only black, white and red, so I decided to forgo my usual colour experiments and make the whole monster with only these three. Except for the blonde hair.

More glasses; I am having fun with these:

Finally, an extravagant hair ornament.

I have a couple of monsters to make before the end of this week, so I'd better crack on. Hasta pronto, a bientot, goodbye.

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