Monday, 7 June 2010

my face etc

Ey up. This weekend I have been busy doing things like dyeing hairs, going for walks, scrounging pints, and plastering stickers all over my head.

These are some photos me and Nic did yesterday. I dyed my hair on Saturday, which was an adventure. I wanted it to be really bright, largely so that I would look a bit like a monster. I made all the labels individually with a rubber stamp that I made ages ago by carving into an eraser with a Stanley knife. Here 'tis:

Anyway then I stood in Nic's garden and did some good muggin'. I won't show you all of the pictures, because a lot of them are hideous and terrifying. Also, she took about fifty. But these are some of the ones I liked.

Oh yeah, I also had some sexy fake eyelashes from the pound shop that matched my hair and I thought, yeah!

Then I had the fun task of getting all the stickers off my head which was good, I no longer need a moustache wax, and I don't need to pull all the skin off my face which I was also going to do. Fun times!

Oh yes, I have no idea about proper photo editing which is why I always just whack the saturation up to a million and then maul about with contrast and stuff for ages. I just like bright colours.

Righto, it's time for tea now I reckons. Til next time, folks.

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