Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Elvis and Shirley

Hey. It's been AGES since I posted anything, nearly a month, what a complete waster I am! You must be famished for some stupid crochet. Well, here's some.

Remember I made an Elvis monster? He has been on some adventures since I last saw him! What a crazy guy. Here are some of his snaps (courtesy of Shirley). I will attempt to caption them even though I don't know who, or what, a lot of them are. I think this will add a certain dimension to the piece that it was lacking.

Road trip time.

This person is something to do with Cokey Cola, I suppose.

Ridin'. I love this photo.

'Pardon me boy, is this the cat who chewed your new shoes?' Ha ha

This says 'Sippin' to Saddles'. I do not know what that means. It sounds exciting though, something to do with horses I should expect.

Elvis was an American person.

Erm... a conflagration. Elvis looks so happy doesn't he? Wheee!

Hey it's Shirley! Let us have a look through your specs, willya.

The painting of Elvis has a black eye.

I love this. I want one in my house. I would drink Pepsi-Cola if I had one of these.

This is so very cool, me gusta.

I think this is at Elvis' grave. I thought it was the world's most wrecked piece of paper but I now think it's a rock.

It appears that people enjoy erecting guitar sculptures, Elvis monster likes sitting on them.

According to another photo which I haven't posted, his mother took Elvis to this shop to buy a bicycle. Then he wanted a gun, but she wouldn't let him have one, so as a compromise he got his first guitar. Hang on, what happened to the bicycle? I don't really understand this story, but I guess Tupelo Hardware has been doing well off it for a few decades, so everything's all right.

Elvis monster meets melancholy-eyed Elvis aged thirteen.

Hello receptionist.

When he was alive, Elvis enjoyed sitting on top of a cup and eating a plant.

This lady has very frilly sleeves and therefore I like her.

Elvis contemplates what to have for his tea.

Can you spot him?

Oh there you are, hello!

Okay this is probably bad taste but Shirley took it, so blame her. I guess he is just doing a make-sure before they set off again.

So there we are! I enjoyed that, did you? I have a few friends travelling about at the moment, with monsters about their untrustworthy persons. If you are reading this, travelling friends, please can you do me a flavour, and take a few snaps for me? I love it, I really love it. My silly little monsters going off all over the place, they are so flighty.

Anyway. Oh! Just to let you know, I have a stall at the Chorlton Arts Festival craft market on Saturday (the 21st). It's at 11am til 4pm and at St Clements church on Edge Lane, come down and high five me. I have some fairly all right stuff to sell. Not only that, but there will be other stalls (I know!) and some other shit too, I don't know what, music and cake and ales and Chorlton hippy stuff I should think. It's always a nice day out so just bloody come, will you. Have a look here for other Arts Festival stuff. I need to stop saying 'stuff'.

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