Friday, 27 May 2011

Lady Laura and lady lizard

How do, here we go again. Hope you're well, I am pretty good thanks. I have been monstering again, you will be astonished to find out. This is Laura.

I have known Laura a reet long time, about fourteen years. We went to sixth form together and then didn't see each other a whole lot afterwards, until a few weeks ago when I cadged a lift to Glasgow with her to watch our old pal Pete get married. That was great fun, and I made this monster instead of giving Laura any petrol money. I gave someone else a monster in lieu of money recently too, but I've forgotten who or what I got for it. Maybe they could become my new currency.


Some details:

Laura has a big wide smile, so I gave her some teef. She is only the second ever monster ever to have them, after Pete (different Pete)'s Joker/Lagerface dude. Lucky you Laura!

Laura has a flower in her hair. Not always, but sometimes.

Laura is fond of wearing a pair of fetching lilac fuzzy Ugg boots. They are pretty mental, I hope I have portrayed them to the very bester-most of their potential (that sentence took me ages to come up with and I am really pleased with it).

The other thing is that Laura has a pet lizard called Escher who is, I THINK, a bearded dragon. Obviously I had to make her a little monster Escher with a little monster beard. After I finished her I thought that she looked like Abraham Lincoln, so I gave her a top hat, too.

Presenting MC Escher on the mic (yay):

So yeah, there you go. Laura and Escher, brill. I like those guys.

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  1. He looked like Abraham Lincoln!! :D hahaaha