Friday, 22 April 2011

Yee hawwwwww part two

Well well. Hello, I am mega excited, I have just dropped rice on my bed but I'm not excited about that. I have something to show you which I made ages ago. Wow!!

Listen, do you remember these monsters? Specifically, the cowboy ones? They are Rachel and Dave and they are getting married REAL SOON. Rachel asked me to make them tiny monsters, little minuscule wee ones, to go on top of the wedding cake. Super wow!! Of course, I had some doubts about whether I had the skills for this one. I am NOT a super accomplished mini-crocheter, I am pretty cack-handed actually. There I said it. (Gasp!) Anyway these guys had to be REALLY small, just visible to the unclothed eyeball, and I didn't want them to look all bulky and rubbish. So this is what I came up with: first up, Rachel:

She's still a cowgirl, like. I think I did all right in the end. I put wire in the hats to keep them shapely, and she's got her little cowboy boots on too. I thought I'd photograph the monsters on horseback by the way.

Full frontal:


Now Dave:

Looking good there Dave.

Here's one of them both:

Dat's very cute. I wonder what they're going to look like on top of the cake. I will have to see if I'm allowed to post photos of it after the wedding. Everyone else will be cooing over the bride and groom, and I will be in the corner, taking pictures of the cake from all different angles.

Any road up, I have done some other monsters which I have yet to photograph. I am aiming to do at least some of them this weekend seeing as I'm off work for FIVE DAYS. All right! Catch you later then, take it easy, blah.

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  1. I love them!! This is what I would have, yes I think so!! haha! brilliant! x x x