Monday, 11 April 2011

My Scruffy Flat and Other Stories

Hey. I haven't really got much to say right now, but I haven't written anything in a while, and I am avoiding any proper work. Also, I ate quite a lot of chocolate by accident before (I don't even remember buying it, I go into such a trance in Aldi) and I'm a bit sleepy. Just a heads up.

So I still haven't managed to take any proper photos of my knitted drawing, and I am reluctant to show you the shitty ones I took on the floor of my flat, because - well, they're shitty, and I don't want to OKAY. I also don't want to drag this out for the rest of eternity though, so I will endeavour to do it this week, not that anyone cares any more, probably!

Argh. If you remember, I started the drawing partly as a way to use up all the odds and ends of yarn that made up my 'stash' as they call it. I would say that this has been a failure. In the year since I started making it, I have accumulated about three times as much yarn as I had before, thanks to Laura, who moved into a van and gave me loads, and my auntie Brenda, who keeps me topped up with gigantic sackfuls every few months. Which is awesome and I'm mega grateful! I love you guys! I have a million tons of yarn all over the place though.

Speaking of which, last year I wrote this thoughtful and intriguing post about how I put all my yarn on different shelves in my cupboard, and how it had changed everything in my life for the better and things like that. Well, in the meantime I moved house and threw everything on the floor. A week ago, my workspace looked like this:

Ugh, rubbish, look at that tangle!

I like to call that a 'tanglabra'.

Anyway I am halfway through putting it all in cupboards now, which Nic gave me, since she is moving into a van too.

I am boring myself now, I will stop jabbering on about nothing in a minute. Here are some teaser photos for you though, from my 'Shitty Floor Photos'* collection, just to whet the whistle.

*my actual floor isn't shitty, just my photography skillzz innit.

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