Monday, 12 April 2010

tidy yarn = tidy mind

I have been getting very flustered lately. I think it's because I have so much to do and I am SO disorganised. Until today, my yarn lived in a plastic box at the bottom of my bed. I organised it into different colour categories, ages ago when I started the knitted drawing, but it was getting ridiculous. They were just separated in plastic bags, the yarn was all tangled, I kept putting stuff back in the wrong bags in a hurry, there were balls all over the floor, in a variety of OTHER bags and under the bed and under my desk and IN my bed, sometimes, and I was getting fed up of clambering all over everything trying to find one flipping ball of wool.

Also, the fact that I live in this room as well as working in it meant that there were also other things everywhere too. I found a coat I had not seen for several months. I don't think I can lie about this. My name is Helen, and I am MESSY. Super messy. This has got to stop if I am ever going to get anything done properly.

No more! I have spent the morning tidying, cleaning and chucking stuff about. I am not blessed with the gift of space. I am also not blessed with a set of cupboard doors that shut properly, so I have banged my head quite a few times today.

Anyway, it is done now. I took one of the cupboard doors off so I could use the shelf space for my yarn, like so:

Warm colours at the top, cool colours in the middle, black white and greys at the bottom. And some loose bits of felt. I told you I didn't have much space. I wish I had taken some 'before' photos, so you could see the - actually no, I don't think anyone needs to see the level of squalor I am happy to reside in. Instead let's look at the yarn again.

Warm... mmmm.

Cool... aaahhh.

Right, back to it. Oh! Before I forget, I went to see the Bad Taste Barbies on Wednesday. They are pretty fun. I used to work with Pete who plays the guitar so now I just follow them around. Also, I had been drawing things for him to get tattooed on himself so I had to go and collect my payment in the form of pintage. Anyway, they would make awesome crochet monsters. Check THIS:

Oooh, the possibilities. I loves me some flamboyant nonsense!

Right, bye.



    i like the security fence

  2. oh and that has nothing to do with what you wrote, which i read, i just thought you might, i dunno.. .... not knit a fence, see that other people are also doing ace stuff like you.