Saturday, 17 April 2010


Okaysies so I have been monstering it up the last few days. Monstering it up REAL GOOD. I've got loads of ideas and just don't have time to do everything at once so I may be a little incoherent. The knitted drawing is totally on the back burner, the poor poppet. I will be back to it soon, I'm sure. Just now the crochet is taking over my entire skull like a big woolly skull-rash. Which sounds hideous and I'm sure it is. You'll see in a mo.

So after I quit my job at the hospital in an impulsive rage, and spent a few hours gutting my room, I felt a lot calmer. I now have a NEW job which is much better and fewer hours so I will be less stressed, I hope. Anyway, I came up with a new thing. The new thing is called We Are Your Friends. I am making monster versions of my friends, and hopefully not offending too many of them with my crochet-tastrophes, or the project might yet be renamed We Are Definitely NOT Your Friends.

So the first one I made is sorta, kinda, a bit based on Ames:


Here is a photo of Ames for comparison.

Good huh.

Next: Nic.

I chose to use her bestest features for this one: grey face, conical body, sort of mental expression. Only joking Nic! You will see the awesomest thing about this in a minute.

Now Pete. He is the guitarist I was telling you about the other day.

The first thing you will notice is that the monster looks nothing like him. But wait! Pete has a tattoo which is based on a sort of cross between the Joker from Batman and the Coney Island Lager logo, which is this in case you didn't know (I didn't):

So I gave the monster that face and Pete's body, complete with Mr Broccoli t-shirt. Pete loves broccoli. Probably.

Here is his rockin' tattoo. Note: Pete doesn't have a heart tattoo. It's Artistic License, you guys.

So this is the best bit, right: I am going to try and get all the friends I make into monsters, to pose with the monsters for photos, which I will do nothing with. Me and Nic did hers this morning and CHECK IT OUT, she actually owned the EXACT same outfit that I randomly gave the monster. Hell yes! I feel good about this so far.

So if you fancy helping out with this, email me. My email address may or may not be on here somewhere, I forget, but if not it's Drop me a line and I will make you into a monster and there will be much rejoicing and that.

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