Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Meet Octy and Tangler

Hey guys! How's tricks? That's great, yeah. I've had the most productive weekend possibly ever. I have put the knitted drawing on hold for now in favour of CROCHET, yes. I am back on the crochet monsters in a big way. See, I decided to make some stuff to sell at crafty fairs and possibly even (gasp!) Etsy or something. It is necessary. So!

Here are some of the monsters/robots I made last year. I loved doing it and those little guys made people smile, which made me smile. I like to smile! I have not been smiling too much of late. Clearly something had to be done.

And here are the first new monsters: Octy and Tangler!

This is Octy. He is sort of an octopus, I guess. He gets pretty cold down there in the depths of the sea, so he has a smart cardigan and a woolly hat to keep him warm. The hat has hearts on it which I forgot to take a photo of.

And my favourite: Tangler! He is based on that awesome angler fish I drew. I gave him legs and arms though, because fins and a tail are a bit useless round Chorlton. The best bit though, are his pink Converse:

I absolutely LOVED making the shoes, they turned out marvellously too if I may say so myself, and I think I may. More trainers on the crochet monsters from now on, please.

I am halfway through a third monster which I will post soon. The ideas are coming thick and fast, I am very excited. I am on the lookout for craft fairs to sell at in Manchester, so please let me know if you hear of any! That's it for now dudes, byeee.

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