Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crochet is Your Friend

Hola amigos. It's been a while, huh? I've been working super hard on the monsters, but not on anything else, like taking photos or doing anything useful with the monsters or stuff like that. After a lot of faffing about, I got a cardboard box and some paint and constructed a sort of mini studio thing to take photos in, because up til now they've generally been a bit hap-hazard and in random places, like in the street or on the window ledge or just on my bed if I was feeling particularly lazy. Anyway it's done finally, so here they are.

Here is Garth. Good knitwear and badges.

I have also taken photos of Garth with Big Garth, here is one.

Pretty accurate.

This is Carol.

She is the singer in Bad Taste Barbies and Pete's girlfriend. I really enjoyed this one, it's super colourful and I loves it. Also the frilly bits on her dress were good fun to crochet.

Here be young Emily. She is into big jumpers.

I am really having fun combining knitting and crocheting at the moment and I think it looks wicked as well. Dear friends, please wear awesome jumpers more so I can recreate them in miniature for your monsters, thank you, love from Helen.

What else... er oh yes, I made some smaller monsters:


My idea now is to promote the personalised monsters as fun gifts and try to get people to buy them. I imagine they will cost £30-50 depending on how detailed things get, they do take a while but I LOVE making them. I am starting NOW, so let me know if you want one at ilikenicepies@hotmail.com. Send photos and any other requirements e.g. colours, etc. Okay that is enough self promotion. I gotta dash. Speak soon, don't be a stranger.

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