Saturday, 7 August 2010

Yee hawwww

I have been a busy bumblebee this week. I've been making monsters obviously, but I'm also trying to get the knitted drawing done as well, so I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, but it's all fun and games and I've had some great stuff to do.

For example:

This is And. He requested a quiffy hairdo, flared trousers and a pig's nose, so that is what I gave him. And why ever not?

My good friend Rachel had a birthday, moved house and got engaged all within the last month or so, so seeing as it was a triple whammy of an occasion I made her some monstery goodness.

This is Rachypompom.

As you can see she is the sheriff of Cooltown.

Now just look at the cowboy boots! I love these! They are (I think) like the ones the real Rachel wears, so that's cool too.

And this is Rachel's fiance Dave:


Stray horse button - maybe Roger will recognise this, he gave me the buttons from a weird jacket about three years ago and I have NEVER had a chance to use one before. They are special.

Enough! I have to go now.

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