Sunday, 2 December 2012

Longpig socks


So I'm in the midst of Christmas monster making frenzy, which is cool but it means I can't post any photos of anything I make until after Christmas unless it gives the game away somehow. I wanted to show you these though.

I made my first ever pair of socks!

Hand-knitted socks always look so cosy and nice, and I always wanted to learn how to knit them, but double-pointed needles have always foxed me. If I can avoid using them, I would always rather use straight needles and just sew a seam, I don't care if it's not as nice-looking. I WILL learn one day but so far: nope.

So I was excited to find a pattern for socks knitted on straight needles and sewn up at the end. I couldn't figure out how to convert a DPN pattern, because the heels looked confusing (they aren't). I got the pattern from a book called Fab Feet and Cosy Toes by Anna Tillman, available from your nearest discount bookshop. Most of the patterns are stupid, like socks with a little pocket you can put a teddy bear in, but there's only so much mileage you can get out of ordinary socks I suppose. Anyway I thought this pattern with the pigs was cute and it was a pattern I could understand: jackpot!

Can I just say that this is the first ever pattern I've followed to the end without deviating at all, I even used the same colours and everything. I didn't use the right yarn though and they turned out kind of enormous, but they are cosy and nice which is what I wanted.

Here look, the pigs go all around the back of the sock so you get little pigs parading over the bottom of your feet as well:

I'd like to try out this weird pose where my body looks a funny shape, yeah!

That's why I want the socks to be Longpigs. The name of the pattern in the book is something like 'the whole hog', sigh. Here have some nice 90s crap, you're welcome. I used to love the Longpigs.

Anyway well done me, I have warm feet.

Bye! xxx


  1. those are awesomesocks.
    mint on toast, even

  2. Helen, these are so cute! x

  3. ...and I might just have to stick some Longpigs on now too :-) x