Friday, 28 December 2012

sock roundup 2012

Hey guys

Sure soon enough I'll be able to show you all the monsters I've made in the run-up to Christmas, now that it's all over and it won't give the game away. Right now though I thought I'd show you all the socks I've made, because it's exciting and shutup.

First ones were the Longpigs socks, which you will find here. They look crap now that I've got the hang of it, but I still love them.

Second I made #mousebiro ones for Maddern for Christmas. If you follow the work of Salle Pierre Lamy you might know what the mouse biro thing is about, and I will discuss it in more detail later, but here is Maddern on Christmas day opening his pressies with his fancy new socks on.

As you will note, they look a bit insane and it is unlikely that they will ever get worn much. They took me FOUR DAYS to make, dude. but what's more Christmassy than novelty crap and simmering resentment?


a job well done.

Finally I made these socks over Christmas at the Maddern residence, it was pretty much all I did while I was there besides eat things and look at the telly. My mum asked for nice wool socks but she wanted ones that she could wear under normal shoes, not big chunky ones. So I used needles a size down and 4-ply wool, I found some in my stash that has actual wool content (gasp)

I like to call this colour scheme 'Metrolink'

I wouldn't necessarily have used yellow and grey together, but those were the colours I had in the yarn I needed and I think it actually looks nice. Funnily enough, I ran into my bro Gav on the train from Flint who said that the first time he went on a plane, the carrier was Lufthansa and he thought air travel was hugely glamorous. So he associates yellow and grey with luxury, the colours of pure luxury.

So there you go, I do have other socks on the go but they're not finished so I can't tell you. I'm a sock fiend!

Well goodbye, I hope you've all had fulfilling and beauteous Christmasses, and that you have wonderful new years and keep all your outlandish resolutions.

Buh bye xxx

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