Saturday, 24 November 2012

ames likes toast

Hi guys

another several hundred months have gone by and I still haven't done anything good I can show you. I keep sticking snippets on twitter but nothing I can write a big meaty post about.

don't know if you noticed but my monsters have been on the radio lately: Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman are using them in a feature on their new show. Quite excited about that but it would have been nice to maybe make Edith her own monster instead of Baaaddad in a wig, but whatevs, maybe the BBC doesn't have the budget for that kind of thing any more. Here are this morning's photos: they're v cool.

Anyway seeing as I have nothing new to show you I thought I'd do one of my crafty buds a favour and talk about them for a bit. Me and Ames have known each other for ages and ages, and she's just venturing into the craft business world. So far she doesn't have any online outlets but I have been begging her to get sorted because, as you will see in a min, her work is mega lovely.

Okay photo time. I took some photos today from Ames' stall at the Horse and Jockey in Chorlton, here we go.

big boggle eyes, still struggling with focus on the new camera

christmas balls

owly hatz

rainbow octopuses


more hats for tiny heads

lovely crocheted tree ornaments

Ames' stuff is colourful and cute, and she makes a lot of cool stuff for babies, SO much nicer than shit from Toys R Us or whatever. You can email her on, although as I say she's currently kind of elusive. She is doing a lot of Christmas fairs around South Manchester so keep an eye out and say hi.

More soon ducks xx 

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