Monday, 31 October 2011

People I Like Numero Quatre

Ey up, how is it? It is fine here, thanks for asking. I have given up on the binary thing for a moment while I do a few monsters and stuff, and here comes one now.

So you know Adam and Joe? You know Baaaddad, he is Adam's dad who used to do singles reviews on the Adam and Joe Show and they used to send him to Ibiza and festivals and stuff, and he has made an appearance on the radio show at least once, doing this song. My favourite part is 'Yo, yo yo. Whose yo-yo is this?'

Anyway, also, I am quite entranced by Twitter, I love it actually. I would never talk to anyone if it wasn't for Twitter. I followed @baaaddad when he joined and he tweeted me to say my knitting looked ingenious. Aaaahhhh! I threw my laptop on the floor. Then I picked it up and replied that I had made Adam and Joe monsters and maybe I would make a Baaaddad one? He said generous idea. I got so excited about this tiny exchange, you would not believe it, I am so silly.

Right well: enough backstory, here is a picture.

I am calling this ensemble 'Holiday Nigel' since it is quite casual. I was thinking of maybe doing 'Hip Hop Nigel' which would comprise the outfit Coolio put him in that time, but I changed my mind.

Also Holiday Nigel is ready to go to a festival. He is a total raver so I put the smiley button on his hat to remind him.

The hat is meant to be one of those canvas fisherman type ones, that have eyelets in them and possibly pockets, but it looks a bit like a porkpie hat thanks to my penchant for making all hats tiny and crooked (see Adam's sailor hat). He looks like Alexei Sayle. That's okay though.

So just by coincidence, Adam Buxton was doing another BUG show in Manchester last week, so I got the monster ready in time for that. I couldn't actually make the show because I had to get up early and go to London for an Exciting Job Interview, and I was getting nervous by Wednesday night, so I gave it to Maddern to deliver, and he did a good job. I got a nice email from Adam saying thank you. What a gentleman. Hooray! I am pleased with every part of this story.

Right-o, those jobs aren't going to apply for themselves (have I said that before? It feels like it) so I mustache. Byeeeee xx

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