Friday, 14 October 2011

Some very simple binary knitting by an idiot

Hello. I have embarked on a new knitting project, which I think will take me forever and may in fact be a stupid idea. I don't normally do things like this, usually it's all 'hey look at this silly monster!' and 'I done a knitted drawing of an alien eating custard!!' and 'come to my craft stall and buy finger puppets!!!' and this week I have changed tack a bit. See what you think, see what you think.

So I am making lots and lots of nearly identical tiny knitted drawings, but none of them are identical, and none of them will look like anything. In fact I am making every possible permutation of two colours and nine stitches, which will be 512, won't it binary fans! When I was little, my dad taught me how to count in binary on my fingers and sometimes I do it to calm myself down when I can't sleep and feel mental. It's kind of like counting sheep but with fingers, and you can get up to 1023 on 10 fingers. Try it! It's not fun but it wastes some time. Anyway, I currently feel mental all the time and can't sleep ever, so I was doing this the other night, imagining my fingers in the dark (like you do) and I got it into my head to make a sort of knitted sequence, counting in binary. So using two colours to represent 1s and 0s, and just... count up to whatever.

The working title for this piece is Every Knitted Drawing Possible With Two Colours and Nine Stitches. It's not very succinct but I'll think of something else, so don't worry. I'm kind of stretching the term 'drawing' a bit here, but that's okay. I am using nine stitches because they make a nice square drawing. I will have 511 squares at the end, plus 0, so 512 in total. So far I have made 86. They're really small.

All terribly exciting, right? Definitely not dull as shit is it! Here, let me show you!

So this is 0, you see.



Three: one plus two, innit.


And skipping ahead a bit:

Twenty three.

And again.


I started off without the red frame at first and just tried to make squares with nine stitches, but it's impossible to make them look like anything worth looking at, you just end up with a mess like this:

Whaaaaat. It's not even square and you can't see where the green stitches are supposed to be. I stopped this after I'd made about fifteen (I know, I know, but I don't like giving up). Then I stuck some red stitches round the edge and never looked back.

So they look kind of boring at the moment and all I know is that I've got loads of them all over the place and am cataloguing them in little packets so they don't get too mixed up. I have a few ideas about how to finish it and display the squares, all of which completely disagree with one another, so I'm going to have a think, but right now I have to concentrate on making another 425 squares. And getting a job. I have to concentrate on getting a job.

Well I hope you like the beginning stages of my little project. I really like it, I think it'll be quite cool when it's finished, although they don't look very interesting at the moment. JUST BE PATIENT. Anyway that's me. Have a nice weekend. x

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  1. Hey Helen - this is mindbending! Wonder how far you've gotten? I took a slightly different approach to the binary knitting thing yesterday myself - a maiden attempt: