Thursday, 1 July 2010


All right you crazy guys, I have new photos which are AWESOME. I went round to Dad's last night to present him with the monster, as promised, and he liked it loads! Hooray! And the cats didn't get to maul it! Yesssss. Although, they are a bit lethargic what with the clement weather we are having, so when it gets a bit cooler perhaps Archie will get a bit sparkier and give it some good gnawin'.

What am I talking about. Anyway, I took some photos.

Aaaahhhhhhhh! It's good right? When I showed Nic the monster she thought it was Rolf Harris.

Here is another.

You can see a sunflower that he grew out of a bit of birdseed. I think he deliberately positioned his chair there so it would be in the photo.

That's all folks.

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