Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Hudders Field Trip

Hey lovelies. Just a v quick post today, I am going to Wigan in a bit. Hooray! I went to Huddersfield yesterday to see my buddy Phoebe, and photographed her in a pair of gloves that I made as a late Christmas prez. See, I went to visit her just after Chrimbo and she happened to mention that she had a new job in a VERY cold shop in town, and she admired my long fingerless gloves and wished she had some to wear at work so she could be a bit warmer whilst still being able to type. RIGHT! I thought, since I am rubbish and never get anyone presents, I will knit her some. So I did. Luckily it's still really cold so she will get some use out of them before it warms up a bit.

Here is a photo of Phoebe wearing the gloves whilst drinking a frothy drink of some description.

She doesn't really look like that, but I took a picture of her while she was talking and it wasn't very flattering so I doctored it so she wouldn't be upset. Although now I'm not sure if this is more upsetting. I'm sorry Phoebe.

I decided a plain black glove would be most suitable for wearing at work, and her work uniform is black so it would be pretty subtle, but how BORING, am I right? So I gave the dreaded cable knitting a go. I never do cable because I can't be bothered to count stitches properly and it always ends up wrong. Made a proper effort here though.

They look really nice and she seemed happy about having slightly warmer arms, so I'm pleased with my decision to make them. After our coffee, Phoebe took me to a fancypants shop in the Byram Arcade called Spun.

They have lots of lovely yarn that I rubbed all over my face. Also they do workshops and stuff there by the looks of it, so if you live in West Yorkshire and fancy a spot of communal knitting, you should totally go.

Phoebe is a member of the Intellectual Dinner Club in Huddersfield. I think this is a fantastic idea and am trying to think of my own '12 in 2012' goals for this year. So far I have 2: learn to knit socks and leave the country. How ambitious I am!

Anyway I best be off, hope you enjoyed my blog post today. Have a nice Sunday xxx

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  1. I want Man pair! My gloves r begining to fall apart (I have had them 6 years) :-)