Sunday, 19 February 2012

special offer ooooohhh

Hi guys, just to let you know that I have gone all business-like and will be doing a SPECIAL FREE GIFT with my next order! Aren't you spoilt!

Here is the wonderous prize which you will receive: a t-shirt for a beautiful lady, in delectable lemon yellow, with a cool hippo/donkey motif handpainted by ME. That's right, no one else in the world has one like this. It's OOAK (as they say on Etsy).

The t-shirt is secondhand, clean and in good condition. It's painted with Dylon fabric paint and sealed so the image should stay put. It's pretty bold and bright, I really like it. Oh and it's cotton jersey, in ladies' size 14. Here, have a close-up of the hippo donkey fellow. Int he a beaut!

So! If you want this fantabulous and unique garment, be quick smart and order a monster from me NOW! The first order I get will get the t-shirt free with their monster, what a postal treat that will be! Skates on, then.

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