Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monsters On Film

So I have been busy doing various things, half finishing them, abandoning them, and wandering off. That's what I've been doing the last week. How about you?

I made Bob's monster ages ago, and he now lives in a caravan somewhere on the continent so I wasn't expecting this to plop into my inbox:

How exciting! I love it. Music made by Bob as well. What an all round talented dude. Serious.

Oh yeah! I have other things to talk about.

After I posted the Kimya Dawson/Merrill Garbus monsters last week, and plugged it on Twitter, I saw that Kimya had written this:

How good's that? I asked her if she would like me to send the monster somewhere she could get it, and she ignored that. So I guess she doesn't want it. I'm still chuffed with that response though. I am so glad Twitter exists. I'd never talk to anyone otherwise.

Speaking of which, remember how I made Adam and Joe monsters once and met Adam Buxton and gave them to him? I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but he posted a very nice thing on his blog, which I was made up with.

Ugghh, this is really hard to write, I am not good at it. The monsters I've made as part of my People I Like thing are all people who've had some kind of influence on me, or whose work I admire generally, so to get such lovely feedback from them is actually awesome, to me. I'm not just shamelessly self promoting honest! I'm allowed a little show off, once in a while!


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