Friday, 16 September 2011

Inky pinky pen and inky

I can smell a dirty stinky. Oh wait! Sorry, I thought I was 6 then.

So my branding, as it were, is still pretty shoddy. For some reason I have generally eschewed getting business cards and flyers printed (easy! Fairly cheap also!) in favour of making them myself (hours of work!) My first ever business cards looked like this:

That's the rubber stamp I made by carving into an eraser (and my fingers). I was really pleased with that. The back had a sticker on it with my email address and this blog and stuff, printed off-kilter on Calps' printer because I had no idea how to make things fit in a template.

So when Jim made my website he used the lettering from my stamp in the logo, but NOT ONLY THAT, he invented an entire font just for me, out of the 8 letters in 'helen makes'. How unbelievably cool is that, I was so made up. So all the lettering on the website is based on the original stampy scruffy thing I made.

Also Jim made me this logo, the smiley monster/ball of wool guy, and I'm abandoning the toadstool effort that means nothing. I currently have no promotional materials with my website URL on, only this flyer with the blog address:

So guess what I am doing!

That's right, I am STAMPING! Making myself some business cards the old fashioned way. I love it.

Here's Step 1:

And here's Step 100000000 because I didn't stop to take photos of the in between stages.

I also made a stamp with the URL on, to go on the other side. That looks like PINK INK! And I said, will that ever come off? I don't think! (The Cat In The Hat Comes Back, sorry) It used to be red, but I've had it for about seven years and it's not any more.

So what do you think of this. As usual I am uncertain. I am also terribly sorry about the post I did the other day, yikes. I hate to boast and I felt like I was. I suppose I should get into the boasting in a big way, but I am not ready yet! Bob's video's good though int it!

I am also going to draw some kind of flyer thing to use as well, I'm not sure how this is going to end up but I'm sure I will show you. My head is full of a cold and also full of job applications, ideas for knitting, bits of old rubbish, etc. I will leave it here for now. Lots of love xx

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