Monday, 7 March 2011

Sherleeeee Werleeeeee

This is Shirley.

Shirley is brilliant. I work with her at the Arts Council. She brings in biscuits and Vimp-toe and makes me laugh and looks after me. In return I am a grumpy sod. No wait, I brew up every half hour, so I bring the tea. Anyway, Shirley is ace and I love her. And I made a Shirleymonster.


Shirley loves beads and sequins and sparkle, and she is a bit of a sparkly character herself, so I decided to make the whole monster out of glittery yarn. Then I went a bit bonkers with the old sequins. It's totally blingin and that. It captures her very ESSENCE, I feel. I could only have made it more Shirleyish by putting a voice recording in it.

Here is human Shirley with monster Shirley outside work in the sun today. Not a terribly exact likeness here, because I picked the ONE day she isn't wearing any jewellery or spangle at all, and also DAMN YOU PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES ( I googled that). However it was sunny so that was nice.

I gots to go now, I am so blimmin' busy! By that I mean I am going to be a good citizen and fill my census form in. Buh bye now, take care, mind the roads!

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