Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh this again.

Hellooo, it's me. I feel a bit sick because I think I accidentally ate some milky sandwiches today, euurgh, yuck. They probably only had a bit of milk in them, but maybe I shouldna oughtna had five. Oh who cares.

Anyway I have been a busy bumblebee the last couple of weeks, when I'm not ingesting milk by mistake, and my knitted drawing is NEARING COMPLETION! Can you believe it. It has been over a year since I started it. I now have six squares to go. Yeahhhh! It looks pretty good, but I'm not going to show you it yet because it's so nearly finished that if I show you now, you'll be all like, yawn, whatevers, SEEN IT, when I finally unveil the finished product. And I do not want that, I want gasps of disbelief and gratitude, you know? So I'm going old school and showing you some very bad photos of some individual squareses.


This one is upside down.

Oh I wanted to show you this, some of the squares have so many different strands in that the back ends up looking like this:

Aaargh. I spend twenty minutes of every hour untangling it. It is Massively Laborious. But satisfying.

I am going to make a cup of tea now, so, bye bye.

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  1. Looking amazing Helenius!!!! Im spending some pleasant time with your blog and a cup of tea.