Sunday, 13 February 2011

Crochet workshop second go

Yesterday I did my second EVER workshop at Beetlefelt in Chorlton, so I just thought I'd pop by and tell you about it, okay? This time the workshop was fully booked, so I had a small breakdown and nearly didn't manage to go at all, but it was fine and everyone was super and made me feel happy. We crocheted madly for three hours. Everyone was well clever and now has a granny square to keep half of one foot warm, unless they actually LIKED doing it, in which case they might make some more! Who knows!

Anyway I took a few photos, they're here look.

Hard at work.

Here's one of everyone with their finished square! I am so proud *sniff*.

It's funny, well not really funny, but anyway, I get so stressed about doing things like this that my mind turns into treacle and I can't concentrate on anything for ages beforehand. Thats not funny at all. But if I'm brave and do the scary thing, it usually turns out okay. I actually really enjoyed doing this yesterday, which is something I need to remember for next time instead of getting all flustered and wanting to crawl down the nearest drain and hide there until it goes away. Silly Helen!

I have just noticed that I made ONE measly post in January, so I'm going to attempt to update a little bit more in future. I'm sure you will be delighted about this. Well you'd better be, because have I got some WICKED stuff to show you! But not yet. If you're good. TTFN

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  1. whoop!! I hope it went well lass! You know I got so excited about monster Jim and gave it to him as soon as I got home!!!
    I meant to wait until today...but I just couldn't! Thank you my love, you're brilliant! x