Saturday, 22 January 2011

Me and my dawg. I mean monster.

Aw reet. Hey, you know what? Since Christmas I've been a total loser and lost the ability to do ANY work whatsoever. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but not doing a terribly good job.

Tell you what I have done though. I made a monster version of ME.

A ha haha!

I just came round to Valpuri's to persuade her to take some photos of me with the monster for We Are Your Friends, and am now struggling to operate a Mac while she washes some pots. S'all go.

Here I am messing about in the front yard.

How lovely! I forgot to put any make up on this morning and I could also do with a fringe trim, I think. But I like them I do.

Partly because I am so badly organised at the moment, and partly because I have started to go insane, I am going on hiatus from the knitting for a little while. I really want to get my knitted drawing finished soon, it glares at me all the time from the bottom of a plastic box in my room. Also I have started to feel an overwhelming urge to get back to basics, to do some actual drawing, with pencils and pens and shit, which I have been neglecting of late. I will continue to update this blog with whatever nonsense comes into my head, like usual, but I want to do some fun stuff for no reason, let some ideas surface, and calm the hell down.

And apart from all that, I really like the word 'hiatus'. I'll let you know how it goes! Ooh how delightful.

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