Friday, 31 December 2010

Stuff I Made Previously

Hey guys. Merry Christmastime, happy new year for tomorrow, whoop. Now it's past Christmas I suppose I can show you some of the monsters I made ages ago. Here they are:

This was a commission for Ruth, who wanted a family of monsters for her real family. I had a great time making these, and I wish I could have seen everyone opening their presents on Christmas day and seeing themselves! There is one missing actually, and I don't know who, because I finished them ages ago. Oh dear, never mind. Rest assured that it was amazing.

Then I made this monster for Alice. She is a beaut with super red hair and loads of sparkle.

Well, time is ticking and I am being slow. Time to make like a tree, and grow for hundreds of years before being chopped down for timber. I mean, I need to go. Happy new year everyone! Hope 2011 brings everything you ever dreamed and more, okay bye.

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