Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Crafters Against Cuts workshop #4: MORE SQUARES

Hi creatures

I'm feeling ill and sorry for myself today, so I thought I'd cheer myself up by writing a post celebrating what we've done.

Here are some very low-quality pictures I took at the workshop last night. We had some new people and some old faithfuls. It was a fun evening and I left with 4,000 squares (again).


Ruth is sick of me

Mark is overjoyed by Cathy and Deborah's knitting

That's it. It was dark in the pub, and I tried to adjust the exposure and stuff on my phone but it didn't really work. Will try harder.

So if you are friends with me on Facebook or you follow any of the groups related to crafting against cuts, arting against austerity or taking back Manchester, you will know that the banner is pretty much done besides a bit of sewing together. Now I have a dilemma and I want to ask you about it.

This is the photo I posted on FB the other day: the banner is currently in three bits:

Welcome to my messy shelf

Now, originally my plan was to sew it together in a long strip, making it 7 metres long and just under 1 metre wide. Which would be very amazing to see marching up Oxford Road. I have just tried to take some pictures of it in this state to show you, but again my photography skills are somewhat lacking. Plus my flat is actually not 7 metres long at any point so it's a bit scrunched, but see what you think

Panoramic experiment 1

Panoramic experiment 2

It does indeed look pretty awesome, although you need to use your imagination a bit, sorry. My preference is still leaning towards the 7m long version, just cos it's a proper sight to behold. However, I am a bit concerned about a) the logistics of carrying it, b) the fact that it might be hard to take pictures of, and c) because I am always concerned. Square-banner will be very tall and might also be hard to handle.

What do you think please. Squarey or longy? 

PS I am SO STOKED that this is where we're at on 15 September. I can't believe it. I started this project about three weeks ago. This is NUTS. 

thanks buds xxx

Oh PS. I think we're still meeting next week, maybe to knit squares and also discuss what we should do next. Crafters Against Cutz 4eva <3 p="">

The Castle, Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LE - please come! x

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