Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sammy and Other Beauties

Hello! HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys! It's been a very VERY long time since I last posted anything, but you know what, I've been as busy as a bee. It breaks my heart that I can't always post things that I'm dead excited about straight away, but if people have ordered things as presents, which they often do, it's better that I don't give the game away. Even though no one probably is likely to look at my little blog anyway. But just to be sure.

So I have a little round up of bits. I will try and be a bit less scatty about things this year, and post regularly, and all that business. I think I did all right last year. But if I'm as busy for the rest of 2012 as I have been this January, phewf! I will be delighted.

Anyway. First up, do you remember the graceful beauty of Sammy? He is my friend Catherine's dog, he lives in a youth hostel, he is a lucky boy. He enjoys dancing and lying in the middle of the floor and going to the pub. After I knitted his royal portrait, Catherine tried to coerce Sammy into posing with it, like a true aristocrat.

So handsome.

Here you can see Sammy a bit better but the knitted drawing is slightly out of view.

Looking good there Sammy. I can't wait to see this now that it's been framed, I don't think I have ever had a piece of work framed before. A milestone!

Right, some monsters next. I hardly did any monsters before Christmas, but the ones I did make I was very proud of.

This one turned out wicked but I can't tell you who it is or anything about it because I'm paranoid so I'm keeping it on the DL... ssshhhh.

All very covert. I like him though! Looka them pointy toes!

This next one was a commission for Ruth, for her cousin in the USA. I enjoyed making her but as usual I have failed to take a very good quality photo. Oh well.

Both of those photos missing a foot off, nice one Helen. You get the general idea. She's lovely and purple/blue/yellow, a colour combo I can get on board with. She's sitting on the back of my sofa here in the absence of a proper set-up. It's REAL velour.

Finally I did a couple of craft fairs in December, which I have already waffled about slightly. I like to knit at craft fairs and generally end up with a load of hats and stuff. This year I came out of my craft fair experience with these beauties:

And gloves:

I have chucked all these lovely things in my Folksy shop if you know anyone in the market for a lurid technicolour bit of knitwear, except the Russian doll mittens which Emily snaffled off me the other day. Just a little plugette there.

So that's what I've been making the last month or so, hope you liked it. I have other things too but this is getting quite boringly long now, plus it's taking me ages to root through every blimmin' folder on my computer looking for photos that I have hidden somewhere in error. So I will leave it here for now. Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye. xx

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  1. Absolutely love the dog photos!
    I think your creations are fab x