Wednesday, 24 August 2011

G-force and S-express

Well hello there, welcome, welcome! I hope you are well. It's been ages again hasn't it! I'm a right slacker. Not to worry, I am about to present you with the WORST photos I've ever taken, so its all right.

Remember ages ago, I made some monsters for Rachel and Dave for their wedding? Well it appears I'm making a habit of this. THIS is Grace and Sean.

I don't think Grace will thank me for this one to be honest, but it's not like she's never posted photos of me on Facebook, falling-down drunk and looking like a spanner, is it?

I met Grace and Sean about 6 years ago in Seville, where we were learning to teach English as a second language. We all lived together in a big house with a load of other friendly people, and drank a lot of horrible sangria out of cartons. Then the course ended and we all went our separate ways, but through the magic of social networking we have managed to stay in touch, more or less.

Anyway then I came back to Manchester to concentrate on being miserable and temping, and Grace and Sean went off and had some adventures and stuff, and now they are married and everything, and best of all moving to Manchester to be near ME! That is the only reason!

So because Grace is English and Sean is American, they have to have two weddings, don't they. The English one is pretty soon and they asked me to make them some little monsters to celebrate.

Now before I show you these: they ARE the worst photos ever. I have a wack camera and not enough light, and I like to saturate all the colours and I have no skills. There I said it.

So here's Grace:

I decided to indicate that she's wearing a long dress by crocheting a worm emerging from a flower, and not giving her any legs. I think it works well.

This is Sean.

He favours big trainers and a baseball cap, so you know, why wouldn't he wear them at his wedding too? I put a star on his cap as well, why didn't I just embroider THIS BOY IS AMERICAN across his face? Because there isn't room, that's why.

The happy couple.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you want to see some more monsters, or order one, or something, then you're in luck because I'VE GOT A NEW WEBSITE! It was designed by Jim McDougall and it's the complete biz. Take a look. Unless you were directed to this blog from there, in which case never mind.

Oh my lordy this month has been crazy. I've been going mental what with one thing or another, and I haven't had time to do anything much to show you. I am sad to say that my job at the Arts Council finishes next Friday, which I'm upset about, but hopefully I will have a bit more time to do some work, which is Good News. I have some other stuff which I will post very soon, so keep an eye out, okay? Okay? Hasta luego x

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