Thursday, 23 September 2010

Beer and wabbits

Ey up cockers. How's things? I have VERY NEARLY finished the huge commission that I have been doing for what seems like forever, but what is actually about four weeks. I am very excited about finishing it, it's been super fun making all these different people, and they are all so interesting and quirky. But I will be relieved to have got it done. I'm looking forward to posting photos of them after Christmas! You guys are gonna shit!

Anyway, I made a monster a few weeks ago which I'm going to show you now. You guys are gonna shit! Not really. It was for a lady at work, and I owe her a fiver, and I keep forgetting. It's her son. Here he is on the pavement outside my office:

I don't actually know what his name is, oops. But apparently he loves Red Stripe.

Gulp, gulp. Here he is having a good old swig.

Mint. Okay, that is it for now. Oh! No it isn't. I have new flyers, thanks to Nic. They are this.

Yay Garth! I need to cut them and then I will do precisely nothing with them. Hurrah! I have taken my Etsy address off because I don't have an Etsy shop any more, I decided to close it. I am too scatty and disorganised, and I sold one thing on Etsy ever, and I didn't work out the price right, and I got annoyed and closed my shop in a huff. I may re-open it when I get my life in order, which I predict will be on the 12th of Never. In the meantime you can still email me with requests and any other nonsense you would like to send me! Right, I have to go to bed now! Night!

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